Kids section (but just as much fun for adults!!)

The Stockport frogs are back!

Create a scene from rubbings in this fun and mindful sound-response activity from Tate Kids. Click here for more information.

One Page Zines 

Zines have been used for 100 years to document everything from passions to political movements. They're a great tool for activism and expression.

In this video Seleena Lavern Daye shows you how to make a one page zine and fill it with whatever you want!

Art and movement!

See January off with these 2 fun creative exercises.  Learn how to use your body to make shapes, inspired by the artists Valie Export and Carey Young and use parts of your body to make prints, taking inspiration from David Hammons. Click here for these activities.

Art & Music
Art and music

Make a 3D moving artwork inspired by music! Respond to your favourite music or sound and make a 3D sculpture - drawing about how it makes you feel.
For more info & 'how to', check out the activity on the Tate Kids website. 

Make your own jigsaw puzzle


Either print out a template like this one or draw out a jigsaw on a piece of card or a cereal box. Create your own picture and colour in with a medium of your choice. Think about your design, do you want to add text as well? Then cut around the jigsaw shapes and thats it, you've made your own.

See if you can do the puzzle and ask the rest of the family to have a go! 

Festive fun

Festive Fun - Create a 'bored' jar in time for the Christmas holidays. 

Plan ahead for the school holidays and come up with activities to keep the boredom at bay. How about watching your favourite Christmas film? Getting wrapped up and going for a walk?

Festive fun 

Build a blanket den and get all cosy? If you get stuck for ideas just do a quick Google search.

Tate Kids

Learn to Weave with Tate Kids
Be inspired by the artist Anni Albers, make a loom and weave some art to hang on your wall or make as a gift for someone! Find out more on Tate's website.

Manchester Camerata presents Mini Music Makers.

Get creative and musical at home! Unleash your inner musician and play along with their Youtube videos.  No musical instruments (or talent!) needed.  © All images from Manchester Camerata. 



Making Space with Christian Robinson

For some really quick, but thoughtful and fun art ideas check out
The Art of Fun's Making Space videos.

The Art of Fun is the work of children's author and illustrator, Christian Robinson. Each video is less than 10 minutes long and sometimes finishes with a reading from one of his story books. The activities are pretty simple and don't require many materials. One of our favourites is the 'Moody Raindrops', that encourages children to think about how they're feeling and could help provide a way of opening up a conversation about the emotions they're currently experiencing. 

Draw with Rob

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, Rob Biddulph is posting a draw-along video. There's loads of videos already uploaded that you can catch up with, like the sausage dog one below. 

Exploration of the Day
Exploration of the Day is a website set up by artist Keri Smith during lockdown to help both families and teachers with encouraging creativity. There's loads of ideas for activities using lots of different materials.
Definitely worth checking out to keep busy over the rainy weekend! 

Gallery Oldham are uploading weekly creative activities for children and families and you can find resources from their previous weeks activities.

Eureka logo

Eureka! have some brilliant resources to get involved with at home.

They have experiments you can try with Professor Pumpernickel, singalongs and story time. Try your hand at making your own lava lamp or learn some basic British sign language. There's loads of resources to keep the kids busy!

BBC Bitesize Daily are covering a large range of subjects with new episodes every weekday, arranged into age groups to make learning at home that bit easier.

z arts image

Z Arts are doing brilliant videos online via their website and Facebook. There's a real mixture of fun stuff to get involved with! Check out their 'Story Time', 'Drama Stars' and 'Hop to it'. There's also yoga, singing and other creative things that can be done easily at home. (© Z arts)

Send a postcard

As the lock down continues it's even more important to feel connected to people, so we've created a postcard template that you can download here. Decorate and send to someone you miss. No printer, no problem - you can just use any paper or card you've got around the house.

Don't forget to share your postcards with us, upload using  #KeepingUsTogether. 

Build your own Hat Works ...

Resources image

We love this project by Kelsall Architects and artist Eamonn Murphy from Exvista who have created a template of our home, the iconic and historical Hat Works Wellington Mill. Watch the video below for instructions and access the template.

©Kelsall architects & Exvista
Free Happy News Pack ...
Resources image

We wanted to share The Happy Newspaper's Free Happy News Pack. You can access the pack here, it's full of fun activities suitable for littles and bigs! It's jam packed with colouring sheets, happy news stories to share and inspiring ideas to keep busy!
  ©The Happy News | Emily Coxhead 

Share your creations with us

If you're on social media and we will share it. Why not do a blog, review or video?!

Tag #KeepingUsTogether so we can see it!

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